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My top 5 Comic-con photos left on the cutting room floor

Ok so every year I get to travel to comic-con with Rolling stone. I always shoot a bunch of photos that never get used so I thought I would post my Top 5 photos that didn't get used or posted any where

Number 5 goes to the history's Vikings experience where they let you ride on viking ship complete with severed heads hanging on the sides. They also let a few lucky Fans get a sunset ride with some of the cast from the show. 

Number 4 Goes to that time I got the chance to be part of the meltdown Comedy show from comedy central with super cool people like Natasha Leggero andEmily V Gordon.

Number 3 has to be hanging the cast of the show Minority Report. Even tho the show didn't make it past one season the cast couldn't have been nicer anytime we crossed paths during the week and they where all so put together I questioned if they were real.

Number 2 goes to the Nerdist Podcast live. I've loved the Nerdist Podcast for years and had the great opportunity to get some comped tickets from one of the hosts Jonah Ray so I couldn't pass it up.

And the Number 1 Spot goes to the Princess. I really feel like photos like this are hiding behind every corner of comic-con if you look hard. I found these two while walking back to my hotel and couldn't help but ask them to stop and look surprised at my camera. This photo has also got me thinking about a new series to attempt this year so stay toned.

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