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I studied graphic design at Lincoln University, and during my final year purchased a digital camera for working on projects. After graduating I interned as a graphic designer, but started experimenting with video in my free time. Some of my first projects were creating plant research videos. Freelancing introduced me to other people in the film industry, and I started shooting behind-the-scenes interviews, footage, and photos for feature films. Some of my favorite work has been shooting for Rolling Stone, assisting for the Associated Press at NFL games and the PGA Tour, as well as photographing for MasterClass's and covering other big events Like comic-con. Photos I've taken have appeared in Variety, Entertainment Weekly, GQ, Billboard Magazine, Guitar World, and Filmmaker Magazine and a few other places. I’m always looking for the next interesting project to get into. I also work as VP of production at Good Wizard where theres always something great taking shape.


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